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Ons Islands

Ons Islands

Another destination not to be missed for a getaway is Ons Island, the little sister of the Cíes Islands, also part of the Atlantic Islands National Park.

Ons Island has a double contrast, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters on the east side, and a west side hit by the sea with cliffs, caves, and trails that every adventurer will want to explore. Another of the charms of the island are its people, and is that unlike Cíes and the other Atlantic Islands, Ons is the only one that presents stable population that protects and pampers the island from the past, that takes care of its visitors and those who tell the legends and popular traditions that Ons shelters in its entrails.

Therefore, the Ons Islands are a completely different concept to the Cíes Islands.

As mentioned above, in addition to the dreamy landscapes it is home to, gastronomy is another of the island’s qualities. Try the different restaurants in the lower part of the island, near the dock, and try all the fresh produce on offer there, such as seafood, day-old fish such as sea bream or sea bass, and the island’s star product, octopus. You’ll hardly find a better product anywhere else. In addition to gastronomy, there is also leisure, as on this island there is enough nightlife to enjoy traditional Galician music live with bagpipes and drums.

The arrival to Ons from Ría de Aldan Apartments is very simple: next to the apartments is the bus stop “Cerqueiro” where we will take the transport that in just 15 minutes takes us to Bueu, port in which we will take the main boats to Ons destination. To return, in the port of Bueu you will be picked up by the same bus that will drop you right in front of our apartments.

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